Monga (2010): Action / Crime / Drama


Taiwan’s jewel! A critically acclaimed and commercial success that exceeded expectations. Starting as “coming of age” ending up gangster, “Monga” takes you back from “The Outsiders (1983)”, to “Goodfellas (1990)” and “The Departed (2006)”.

Accurate depiction of Taiwan in the 80’s, “Monga” is travelling you through youngsters wanna turn gangsters, the relationship and clash between Mainlanders and Islanders, loyalty, bloody violence, vulgar language, family, betrayal, status quo, rejection… By the end of it, we are left with bitter-sweet feelings that make us reminisce our own aspirations and dreams, and the harsh reality that faced them.

Fun facts:

  • Banned in China – which made it even more famous.
  • Language: Mandarin (mostly).
  • Certain actors had to learn Taiwanese Hokkien as they grew up from mainland China, to the UK and the US.
  • Its undeniable success became topic for a PhD thesis.

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